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|Singer/SongWriter and Composer|

No matter what types of styles of music we might be making or creating, all that matters is it feels right -Dewey Roberts

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Songwriting could be argued as Deweys largest passion. With a goal of creating music that leaves you with a feeling, a thought and wanting more, his songs are all written and performed by Dewey himself, besides drums. Coming from loving all different kinds of music, Dewey Released his EP album 'Common Essence' in 2016 after raising $7,000 with the goal to have each song give you a bit of different taste of his original style.

Deweys new original Christmas song ‘Home For The Holidays’ just released and is ready for your Christmas season!


Check out 'Dewey Roberts Music' on all your favorite music apps or take a listen here:

Mr. Gypsy ManDewey Roberts
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Being a big fan of Disney music since as long as memorable, composition style music had been a huge influence on Dewey, more than even known. Continuing on to enjoy writing songs and pieces with orchestral instruments such as violins, horns and even choirs, Dewey got a huge passion for movie, television and video game music. Check out 'Dewey Roberts Music' on all your favorite music apps!

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